The 4 of us

Haley Fisher

Haley is determined to keep singing for as long as they’re legally allowed to. Based in Dorchester, Haley came into the world of harmony singing by way of The Midwinter Revels. Haley works in the travel industry, and once led the staff of a Mongolian camp resort in a chorus of “Wild Mountain Thyme.” In addition to the Crooked Mowth discography, you can also hear Haley’s voice on the album You Must Believe Me by songsmith April Grant.

Jennie O’Brien

Singing is a lifeline for Jennie. She has been singing ever since she can remember…staging shows in the living room while listening to her parents’ Broadway musical albums. Jennie sings as a regular soloist for Greater Boston area churches, and recently premiered a series of newly composed songs with texts by Emily Dickinson. Jennie has sung with several choruses and ensembles in Greater Boston and MetroWest areas. She also teaches music in a variety of settings, with a specialization in working with persons with visual impairment. Singing with Crooked Mowth, Jennie is able to bring all her experiences together and can’t wait for new ones.

Jim Henderson

Jim wrote his first song when he was in second grade – it was about baseball. Then Jim wrote his second song – 2C – roughly half a century later, about the climate emergency. In between, he has found interesting groups to sing with, in places as varied as elementary schools (as a kid and as an adult), Sanders Theater, and even the old Giants Stadium. But now, with Crooked Mowth, he feels grateful for the chance to sing with his three cohorts. Singing also creates a good life balance with Jim’s principal job as a Boston-area attorney, representing business as outside general counsel. If only writing contracts was as fun as writing lyrics…

James Gerke

Making music has been a lifelong source of enjoyment for James. He has performed in choirs, choruses (including several Revels productions), concert bands (on clarinet, baritone horn, and tuba), and accordion ensembles. He plays the chromatic button accordion (see our Halsway Carol video!). Professionally, James is a service manager for a digital media communications company focused on investor relations.